Ideal for Boats, Campers, RV’s, and anywhere else you want to secure items from moving around during transport.


Kargo Keepers use low profile hardware and shock cord to hold things in place when you want to, and stow almost invisibly when you don’t. Hardware is made of high impact plastic that won’t corrode, mold or bend. Great for:

  • Clothes Storage

  • Bedding Storage

  • Mattress Retainer

  • Flat Screen TV Stowage

  • Over Cab Storage

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Secure Outdoor Chairs

  • Bathroom Storage

Top Selling Products

WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. I was so dissapointed with the junky fasteners that our Keystone came with. Kargo Keepers is SUCH A BETTER SOLUTION! My clothes stay put along with the two cabinets that always dumped everything on the floor. You guys are the best. Thank you so much. Best RV upgrade we have found yet.
Jenny K., Louisville, KY
Great product! My wife was so angry that her things were “on the floor” every time we got to the campsite. We also purchased the mattress keeper. She has been showing everyone how neat and tidy everything stays. Thank you for making my life easier.
Kevin S., Boise, ID

Installation Video

Kargo Keepers is dedicated to making useful products that allow RV, Camper and Boat owners to get wherever they are going without having to worry about the mess when they get there. If you have an idea for a Kargo Keeper product let us know!. Just drop us an email and if we create it, we will send some to you.

We aim to design, manufacture, and offer for sale great products for RV’s, Campers, Boats, Travel Trailers or anywhere else you need to keep things secured in less than stable conditions.
Our products should compliment the good looks of your vehicle or vessel. You spent a lot of money on your rig. Why junk it up with unsightly fasteners and poorly made restraints.
We hope that the manufacturers recognize that the finishing touches matter. If you build boats, campers, RV’s or whatnot, why not install our products in the first place. You can contact us at


We designed all Kargo Keeper products with simplicity in mind.

All You Need Is A Screwdriver

Just measure your space, screw in the clips, run the cord and your done.


Our products look better than the original equipment and work better than anything on the market.

Transparent Klips Practically Disappear

We designed each product so that they would practically disappear when not needed. Nobody wants a junky looking rig.

We Use Our Products

We try each and every product on our own camper and boat.

You Will Love Them Too

Try our products. Show your friends. We are small business and like many of you, believe in the American dream. Keep it where you put it!